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Herding is the sport of having the dog move sheep in a certain pattern. Actions in the outrun, lift, fetch, drive, and pen. 

Disc is a sport that requires drive, athleticism, biddability, and handler focus.  The sport includes toss and catch and freestyle. 

Agility is the sport where dog and handler perform a course that includes; jumps, weave poles, A-frames, dog walk, and tunnels. 

Dock diving is an exciting sport where dog are judged on how far they jump into a pool. 

Rally is much like obediendce, but handlers can speak to their dogs throughout the course.  

Barn hunt is where a dog uses their keen sense of smell to find a rat in a tube in various hides. 

Dock Diving

The breeding program for Resolve Border Collies is directed toward having the most verstaile dogs with biddable and friendly personalities.  Drive and eagerness to please is our number one priority, not color.  Each pairing is selectivly chosen for specific purposes.

Versatile Border Collies