Border Collies are wonderful dogs. But unfortunately they arent for everyone. I was once told that "Its not a dog, its a lifestyle" At the time I shrugged it off and went about my day not really understanding what was being comunicated to me. However, it never left my mind. Today I truely agree with the statement. And after having an active roll in rescue I feel that my expierences there only cement the idiollgy of the statement. 



How to apply for a puppy

The first step is to complete the contact form on our website. Within a couple of days either Danielle or Greg will reach out to you. 

After initial contact has been made, you will recieve our puppy application. Upon completion the vetting process will begin. 

If you pass the vetting process then you would be placed on the puppy list. At this time a non refundable deposit will be required

When the puppies are born we will begin to evaluate each individual puppy. If one matches up with your lifestyle and needs we will select that pup for you. At 10 weeks you can pay the remainder of the balance and take your puppy home.  Puppies will not be shipped.  


Purchasing a puppy from Resolve Border Collies

When choosing a good home for our pups we take alot into consideration. Due to the amount of work we put into our litters we consider their new family to be an extended family to our own. We will provide lifetime breeder support and welcome regular updates for our pups.