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Our Dogs

Resolve Ethos

Resolve Savannah

DOB: 07.03.18



DNA Clear/Normal Through Parentage


Zaya is a young herding dog that is expected to start competing in herding in Spring 2020.  She is a very sweet loveable dog who can work for days.  She has never met a dog or person she does not like.  She is a forward dog on stock who is confident and willing to listen to handler.  


potential stud.

DOB: 03.17.23


OFA Hips/Elbows  

DNA including EOD 



After producing an epileptic pup in 2022 we decided to remove any dogs in our breeding program that were genetically related to the pup. As a result it forced us to remove our primarry line. We are slowly rebulding a new line to include new gentics unrelated to our previous lines. The dogs listed below are the new face of Resolve.

Resolve River

DOB: 05.17.18

ABCA: 464479

OFA: Hips/Elbows Good/Clear

DNA: Including EOD Clear/Normal


DOB: 05.24.20

ABCA: 493720

OFA: Hips/Elbows Good/Clear

DNA: Clear/Normal EOD Carrier


Wicca is an amazing young dog. She has never met a stranger. Trialed for the first time at the bluegrass (22) in novice. She didnt place but we liked her presence on the sheep. a very easy dog on sheep. we look forward to how she progresses.